About All Adventures Rafting

Our Commitment to Accessibility, Sustainability & Community on Whitewater Rivers in Washington & Oregon

You won’t just experience a float trip; you will enjoy an unforgettable rafting trip tailored to your group’s unique interests and needs.

We pride ourselves as a small, family-focused business that allows for more intimate connections with our guests and the natural environment we share.

Join our river community for your unforgettable trip on the White Salmon River in south central Washington, the Deschutes River in north central Oregon, or the Wenatchee River in northeast Washington, and always feel free to give us a call to chat about how to make this the trip for you.

At All Adventures Rafting we are more than a business; we are a community of individuals committed to sharing our passion of the river with you.

We see rafting as an empowering, inspirational experience that should be accessible to all individuals and groups.


We are committed to eliminating barriers to access so all can experience the wonder and inspiration of the river. No one should be excluded from our community due to finances or ability. Check out our financial assistance program and call us about adaptive options for all abilities.


We aim to integrate sustainability into our community from concept to practice environmentally, economically, and socially. Read more here.


We recognize we are part of an interlinking web of communities. Our goal is to create mutually supportive partnerships and programs beginning at the local level, with the larger goal centered on building appreciation for the rivers that connect us.