All Adventures Vision of Sustainability in the Whitewater Rafting Community

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“Sustainability is equity over time. As a value,
it refers to giving equal weight in your decisions to the future as well as the present.”

– Robert Gilman Director, Context Institute

AAR’s Commitment to Sustainability

At All Adventures Rafting, we consider sustainability a way of thinking and approaching how we live on the earth. It is our commitment to develop systems within our community that sustain environmental integrity, social inclusion, and economic viability, and that recognize the connections among these areas.

At the center lies the river and the potential for river adventures to inspire actions that preserve these precious entities for future generations. As we continue to grow and evolve as a business, we are excited to share with you the ways we meet our sustainability goals.

Current Sustainability Initiatives

• Youth education program
• Participation in SHARE
• Live-able wages for staff
• Empowering work environment
• Financial assistance program
• Working with local businesses
• Use of recycled paper and business materials
• Sustainable, recycled, and reclaimed building materials
• Recycling old materials

Future Sustainability Initiatives:

Our New Location!

We want to take the time and care to implement our values of sustainability.

Our new site will offer the following

• LEED Certification
• Recycled and reclaimed materials
• Regionally-sourced materials
• Compostable toilets
• On-site gardens
• Educational resources on local area