ReCreation – The Heart of the Pacific Northwest.

Rafting with some of my best buds from the 2015 Mt. Adams Institute VetsWork Crew by Jimmy Pardo 2017 marks the year that I get the privilege of working with one of the best rafting companies on the gorgeous White Salmon, here in Washington State. The crew at All Adventures are some of the most sincere, [...]

2017-04-14T07:22:55-08:00April 13th, 2017|White Salmon River News|0 Comments

Reporting from the Beautiful Banks of the White Salmon River!

by Heather Kowalewski Sharing the latest and greatest of your favorite stars of the river! What has that American Dipper been doing all winter? When will Mrs. Merganser Duck have her babies? What colors will the wildflowers be wearing this season? Is sasquatch still hanging out at Shark Tooth Rapid? And what about the native [...]

2017-04-09T17:44:24-08:00April 7th, 2017|White Salmon River News|0 Comments
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