Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Things to consider before your All Adventures whitewater rafting trip

Please bring non-cotton (wool or synthetic) clothing or swimsuit to wear under wetsuit, change of clothes for after trip, water bottle, strap for glasses, and extra cash for photos & refreshments (optional).
Cameras are always fun for before and after river trips, however most people find it difficult to take pictures during the raft trip and risk losing or damaging equipment. However, if you intend to bring a camera on the trip, make sure it is waterproof and has a leash to attach to yourself.  Go-pros are welcome but please bring your own mounting hardware.  We offer professional-level pictures of your trip on the water for an affordable price.
Pets are not allowed on the rafting trip, but contact us and we will let you know how we can accommodate your furry friends while you enjoy the river.
Gratuities are never expected but always appreciated. River guides work hard to ensure you have the best river experience possible.  A standard custom is to tip based on the number in your party.  Any amount within your means is acceptable.
Rafts have the ability to hold 7 guests and a guide, however this many people in the raft makes it heavier and less maneuverable sacrificing the quality and safety of your trip. Therefore we allow a maximum of 6 guests (plus the guide) per raft. If your group is larger and in multiple boats, no worries, we run the river as a team and there will be interaction among the boats. If your group is smaller all it takes is one person and one guide to make the trip happen!
Refer to our Regional Info page for all the awesome offerings in the area.
Swimming abilities are not required, but please inform your guide before the trip begins and we will assist in teaching you the proper techniques for whitewater swimmers’ position. We are dedicated to serving all abilities, please contact us for information on adaptive options.
We aim to make this an accessible adventure for all individuals so please call us at 1-800-74-FLOAT so we can discuss your specific situation and make the best trip recommendation.
Husum Falls is an optional Class V rapid that requires teamwork, personal responsibility, and physical ability. Optional means guests are able to exit the raft above the waterfall, enjoy watching others from the safety of the banks, and then re-join the boat directly below the waterfall for the remaining four miles of river. Standards to run Husum Falls are determined by the river guide as the individual responsible for your safety.

There are no guarantees that you will run Husum Falls, but if you meet the criteria and water conditions are right, it is likely you’ll be running the falls! Husum Falls is a very small part of the overall amazing experience of the White Salmon River. Water levels determine when Husum Falls is commercially run-able and typically occurs later in the season. Check website for more details.

For additional questions or concerns please call us at 1-800-74-FLOAT!