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“There’s nothing . . . absolutely nothing . . .
half so much worth doing as simply messing around in boats.”

River Rat to Mole
The Wind in the Willows

Our Team

Our team thrives in a self-motivated work environment where every day is what you make it. The flow at All Adventures Rafting is organic, adaptable, and always changing, much like our rivers and life itself. Therefore we depend on our professional, educated, passionate, fun-loving staff to be leaders on and off the water striving to empower our guest, our staff, and our community to step out of the box, pushing ourselves to try new things, and to get involved in what you believe in.

For the All Adventures Rafting family that means exposing our guest to the natural wonders that surround and support our lives, to new ways to live healthier more active lives, to environmental issues that effect our fragile life sustaining watersheds, and ways we can all have an impact on the health and success of our environment, our water, and our community.

Our family shares a motto, LIVE! LOVE! RAFT!, We LIVE for the experience, We LOVE what we do, and we RAFT to expose others to alternative ways of thinking and viewing our natural resources and each other. We see each trip as a unique opportunity to teach, learn from, and grow our community furthering our knowledge, experiences, and connections with the world and people around us.

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Heather Kowalewski
Heather KowalewskiOffice Manager, Community & Outreach
Derek Race
Derek RaceRiver Rafting Owner & Guide
Peter Spalholz
Peter SpalholzRiver Rafting Guide
Maggie Adams
Maggie AdamsLead Support
Jimmy Pardo
Jimmy PardoWeb/Media/Community Outreach
Ryan Seaton
Ryan SeatonRiver Rafting Guide
RickRiver Rafting Guide