The All Adventures Rafting Mission

The mission of All Adventures Rafting is to create an inviting, accessible, and empowering space for all people, and to facilitate outdoor experiences that raise respect and awareness of the natural and built environments surrounding outdoor recreation.

Our History as a Whitewater Rafting Community

Whitewater rafting has a rich and evolving history on the White Salmon River. The river community is a vibrant part of the local culture and economy, and All Adventures Rafting is committed to to being a key player in the larger community.

All Adventures Rafting was born over 10 years ago when Karen and Jeff Driver took over an existing business called All Rivers Adventures. Karen and Jeff quickly identified All Adventures as a smaller, family-focused business with down-to earth interactions with their customers. Their commitment to quality adventures for the whole family made All Adventures Rafting a unique player on the river. The smaller scale, intimate environment is what drew new owners, Derek and Heather, to continue this legacy. Derek began working with Karen in the summer of 2011 and fell in love with the White Salmon River. He never imagined managing the company would be the next step, but in 2014 the timing was right for all, and Derek and Heather are excited about this next step in All Adventures’ history. Derek brings years of river guiding and management experience, and Heather brings a commitment to community organizing and outdoor education. The guides that All Adventures’ guests know and love are still an integral part of the community. We hope you join our whitewater family as we both stay committed to the values of a small company, but adapt and grow with the river and surrounding communities.