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Project Description

Whitewater Rafting with Peter Spalholz

How Long have you Been on the River?

I became a river person in 2012- my first year at UC Santa Cruz. I learned how to kayak and raft in California, but when I made my way to the White Salmon in 2014, I knew this was the place I wanted to be.

How did you get into raft guiding?

I went to guide school on a spring break trip that the UCSC Recreation Department offered. I thought it would be a fun way to spend the summers and make a little money while still in school; I didn’t expect to adopt a lifelong passion.

Do you have any Hobbies & Interests you would like to share?

I find joy in a lot of activities, and I love learning things too! Playing music is a huge part of my life, as well as sports like Ultimate Frisbee, and my favorite pastime is spending time with the people I love :)

Why do you Enjoy Rafting & What keeps you Coming Back?

There is so much to love about rafting and rivers! They bring people together and provide a unique and fun way to experience nature. Also, not sure if you’ve heard, but running rivers is a whole bunch of fun too ;)

Any accomplishments, on or off the River?

My first full season I put together an interpretive guide of the White Salmon River that includes information about the biology, geology, history and natural history of the river.

Pick one of the company’s core values and explain what it means to you:

To me sustainability is a lifestyle choice that I can apply to everything I do. It’s a mindset that isn’t easy to maintain all the time, but is essential to preserving a world worth living in.

Peter making music at the Logs Restaurant Open Mic.

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