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Project Description


How Long have you Been on the River?

When I was a kid I was always fascinated by aquatic environments. I was especially fond of fish. Around age 12 I started fly fishing and from then on my river time increased. Later, I found a new way to enjoy rivers through whitewater rafting. I now have eight years of experience guiding whitewater. 7 of those years are experience guiding the White Salmon.

How did you get into raft guiding?

I graduated college and started working 40 hours a week. After that experience, I decided that work should be more enjoyable. Rafting is way more fun!

Do you have any Hobbies & Interests you would like to share?

My favorite color is Orange. I’m a science nerd! I’m interested in how stuff works. I guess that makes me a Biochem nerd! I love to laugh and long walks on the beach.

Why do you Enjoy Rafting & What keeps you Coming Back?

Its all about energy transfer. Whitewater rafting is a highly enjoyable experience.

Any accomplishments, on or off the River?

I recently rafted the Grand Canyon for the first time!

Pick one of the company’s core values and explain what it means to you:

Sustainability is living without negatively impacting the future!

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