Whitewater Rafting the Beautiful Pacific Northwest

Choose Portland’s Premier Whitewater Rafting Destination

All skill levels are welcome at All Adventures Rafting. We want to make sure you get the experience that best suits your interests and needs. Below are a few things to consider when choosing a river for your rafting trip. The links to each river give details on location, trip time, age restrictions, pricing, and breakdown of what to expect. Always feel free to contact us for advice on the best river trip for you and your group.

Whitewater Classification – Why we Choose Class III-IV Rafting Runs

Rivers are classified using a number system from Class I to Class VI with Class I being easiest and Class VI considered un-runnable. Rivers we run are in the Class III-IV range because we believe these are the most accessible and exciting runs for a large range of skill levels. Although all our rivers are considered Class III-IV there is large variety in intensity and number of rapids.

Group Dynamics on Rafting Trips – From Family Friendly to Thrill Seeking

A little forethought on what you and your group are seeking in a river adventure goes a long way in making it the best experience for everyone. Do you want a more leisurely day with slower stretches between exciting rapids, which allows for swimming and hiking on the banks? Maybe the Deschutes River is for you. Or is your group looking for higher intensity with fewer calm stretches between breaks in a more challenging environment? Check out the White Salmon River. Do you want to see the sun? Or is it more about getting your adrenaline going? All our rivers have quality whitewater and beautiful scenery, but it is important to think about what will satisfy the needs of all those in your group.